TwistedWarp & Skeins

Beginning Card (tablet) Weaving

This is a very old way to make bands or straps. You will use square cards with holes punched in them to create straps to use for lacing, belts, guitar straps, dog leashes and more.  It's easy.  It's fun. You will learn the fundamentals of tablet weaving, including how to direct warp onto an Inkle/Tablet loom. 
Call to schedule your own class time
2-1/2 hours, $38 plus supplies


Always wanted to learn how to weave but were afraid to start? Here's your chance!!!
Dale can teach you to weave, no matter what your level is.  She has been weaving since 1985 and she's a great teacher.  She loves to share her knowledge.  She'll teach one class at a time.  No need to sign up for weeks or months of classes (who can do that, in this day and age???).  Sign up for a class at a time when it fits into your schedule.  Summer is a wonderful time to take classes.  Get away from the kids, the husband, the dog, the neighbors....   take a class!
This is an awesome class.  You will learn about different types of weaving and looms, different products that you can make on looms (limitless), and how to make beautiful gifts and items for you and your family/friends.
You will be using our looms.... no need to buy one.  We have a bunch of different kinds here.

Class date:  When YOU want
Class cost:   $12.00 per hour
Materials Needed:  Depends on what you decide to make
Skills Needed:  None.....  start at the beginning

Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving

Got a rigid heddle loom but don't know how to use it?  Here ya go....we'll teach you how to read pattern drafts and make beautiful gifts of your own design.

2 to 3 hour class, $15 per hour plus supplies if you need them.

Beginning Inkle Weaving

Inkle means "small band" and that is what you'll make in this class.  You will learn basic weaving techniques and language and will quickly make usable projects.  Make bands for guitar straps, dog leashes, bookmarks, bell pulls, laces, luggage straps, and much, much more.  Personalize your inkle band by learning a pick up method to write your name or a message on your own band. Way cool.  Kids class or adults class..... You will learn how to read a pattern draft, how to warp and how to weave beautiful fabric of your own design. 
Call to schedule your own class.

2-1/2  hours, $38 plus supplies for adults

1 hour, $10 plus supplies for kids

Call to make an appointment and schedule your class when you want it.

Intermediate Classes are also available