TwistedWarp & Skeins

NEW!!!!!    Used Fiber Equipment Page.

We are now going to be offering a USED FIBER EQUIPMENT service!  Easy, peasy and you will be in charge of your own stuff.  Spinning, weaving, knitting machines, that sort of equipment.

Here's how it will work:

We are going to charge you $5 per month to put an ad on our used equipment page. Yes, really. Only $5.00 per month per ad.

You give us pictures and details, and contact information.

(We are going to need a detailed description, as many pictures as you'd like and your contact info such email and phone number.)

We will post your equipment on our website and notices on our Facebook page.

The beginning of every month, we will contact you to find out if you have sold your equipment.  If so, we remove your ad.  If not, we will bill you for another $5.00.  You may cancel at any time.