TwistedWarp & Skeins

Don't forget we have Spin Club every Friday night.  We have spinners making yarn on Fridays and sometimes Tuesdays, too.

Come and spin with people who understand your fiber language. Free.  Starts at 6 p.m. on Fridays.  Share your ideas, thoughts.


Drop spinning has been around for centuries and is fun to do.  This is a one hour class that will introduce you to the concepts of spinning.  Cost is $25. A beginner class that you can schedule at your convenience... Fit it into your schedule soon.


You can learn to spin your own yarn!  Yes, indeed!  Pam and Dale will teach you.  
Learn fiber basics, how to drop spin, how to ply yarns, and how to spin on a wheel, all in the same class.  We teach you why fibers do what they do. Then we teach you how to drop spin on a spindle.  You will get to play with all of the spinning wheels in the shop and finally you will actually spin and ply your own yarn from roving.
This is a 3-1/2 hour class that you schedule when YOU want to take it.  You will leave the shop with a skein of your own handspun 2-plyed  yarn, and a knowledge of fibers.  Plus a student drop spindle to keep.
Just call us at 989.643.0108 to  make a date .  You pick the day and date.

Date:  Schedule at your convenience
Cost is $75.00
Materials Needed:  All included with the class price.  
Skill Needed:  None.  Must like fiber.......

Want to understand Irish vs Scotch tension on a spinning wheel better?  

Click here to go to Craftsy's explanation...

Navajo Plying

This is a looping technique that will create a 3 ply yarn using just one strand. Class is $15.  Bring your own handspun single yarn.  We'll show you how.

Carding, Blending, Combing. We can help you with that!

Picking and flicking..... Yup, we can help you...

Diz, Rolags, Punis..... yes, we even know what those are..... come in....we'll talk spinning.   Z or S?  Got it!

Boucle, Core Spinning, Slubs, Noils?  Yup!