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Toothbrush Rugmaking
Learn to make rugs, chair pads, table runners, drink coasters and more, using only strips of leftover sheets, shirts, jeans, etc..  This is called toothbrush  rugmaking because people used to use an old toothbrush (with the head cut off) as a tool.  Toothbrushes used to have a hole in the handle (not like the ones we get now...). You sharpened the head end into a point and used the hole part for the eye.  It became sort of a large sewing needle, kinda, sorta.. This technique uses knots to make the fabric.  You can make any shape you want!!! You can also use any kind o f yarn, fabric, plastic bags, whatever.....  This is a fun class, taught every month by Nancy. You will get enough materials to take a small project in class while you are learning the techniques and will have some leftover to take home, too. Call now to sign up.

This is rugmaking technique brought back from the 1900s, using strips of felted wool and a hook on canvas.  Easy to learn, fun to do.  A beginning class.  Taught by Marilyn.

Class dates:    Call for class schedule
Cost:  $32.00 (includes materials)

Fabric Rug...quick and easy

 Got old sheets that have rips and holes?  Here's something useful for you to do with them.  Repurpose them!  We will be tearing up sheets to make strips that you can use to crochet a pretty rug for your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.  And this goes fast. Mother-in-law coming next week?  Dress up your house...... here ya go.
Class is $35.  That covers all your materials and instruction time and you'll have a partially completed project by the time you leave plus enough to finish it up at home.

Class dates: On the schedule
Cost:  $35.00  (includes materials)Latch Hook Rugmaking
Remember doing latch hook years ago? That's what we're talking here.  We have kits
Don't remember?  Take a class....make a pillow, a rug, or whatever.....  Great kids' craft.
Woven Rugs 
Learn to do traditional rug making on a loom.  Dale is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable about weaving and weaving methods.  You don't have to own your own loom.  You can use ours here in the shop. Weaving is not 
complicated -- it just LOOKS like it. You will be amazed at how simple it really is to learn.  And fun.
Class dates:  Call to schedule your own class.... take one or take many.  Strictly up to you.
Supplies:  We offer everything you will need.  10% discount on materials you will use in the class
Cost:  $12 per hour