TwistedWarp & Skeins


This is a fiber arts technique done by using wool and barbed needles to create flat or 3D pieces that can be whimical, realistic, wearable, gorgeous, and amazing.

Our needlefelting teacher, Susan Pack, is an incredible woman who has been teaching fiber arts for many years. She says that working with wool is like working with is easy, fun and there are no mistakes. 

​If you are interested in a class, please contact us at 989 643 0108 or email us at to set up a day and time.  Susan is very can take a class by yourself, bring a friend or bring several friends to learn this fun, simple craft. In 2 hours you will learn a'll be making gifts for everyone after one class.

This is an awesomely simple craft to do.  And inexpensive, too.  You use a special felting needle that has barbs on it to create 3D, flat or even wearable art pieces.  Amaze and amuse your friends...  cats, bears, llamas, sheep, flowers, Xmas pieces, holiday decor of all kinds, dogs, you name it..... you can make it.
 You will leave with a project and a smile on your face.

In stock for your convenience:

Felting Needles, tri sizes 36, 38 and 40.
Roving of all colors and types
Angelina and metallic glitz
Pattern books and instructions
Multi-needle holders
Lots of help and suggestions

NEEDLEFELTING  (also called dry felting)

Beginning needlefelting!  Learn to do basic needlefelting techniques.  This is a make it- take it class.  Taught by our own Artist in Residence, Sue ...  you will learn how to do 3D needlefelting.  Make what you want.  Just tell Sue what you are interested in.  She's awesome.  She teaches FUN  art stuff in a simple-to-learn way.  You will be astounded at how simple and inexpensive this is to do.

Class dates:   Check our schedule.  This class is offered every month.
Cost:  $45.00
Materials Needed:  Class price includes everything you need to make a project in class 
        and another project at home.

Want a class for you and your buddies?  We can set that up any time!  Just call us.
Knitted/Crocheted Felting Projects
One of the all time favorite knitted projects is Alpine Boots.  Perfect for Christmas gifts or anytime during the cold Michigan winter.  They are easy to make and knit up quickly.  Add fun fur if you want or not.  Make them tall like boots or short like slippers.  They're warm.  Really warm.
Ask..... go ahead.. you know you want to..