TwistedWarp & Skeins

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​​​We do fiber. 

Dale weaves, Pam spins.  We both knit, felt, braid, etc...

Our crazy, but fun-loving customers do fiber, too.  
If you have fiberishisness running thru your veins like we do..... come on in and visit.  You fit right in.

We are located just east of the middle of the mitten (Michigan) in a sleepy little town of about 800 people.  

And we like it that way.

If you need to get hold of us, call us at

989 643 0108

or email:

We are here Tuesday and Friday 10 to 9 pm, Wednesday and Saturday from 10 to 6 pm.  If the weather's crappy, we are here even more often than that.  (Can't work out in the barn with the llamas, you know....)

So call or email.  Just say hi.
Or just drop in for a visit. The coffee/tea pot is always on, always free.  And if the coffee's stale? We will gladly make you a new pot. We're like that, yes, we are....